Audition Volunteers Needed - RSVP to Ms. Peters
Mon, Dec 9 1:26pm

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Hey wonderful OSA Audition Volunteers,

It's that time again...time to start gearing up for OSA Audition Days! I am hoping you will continue to volunteer your time for this and share your years of experience!

Our auditions will be held on January 11 and February 8 next year. Please plan to discuss this at your emphasis meetings if you're having them later today, or by email to your art department/last year's volunteer lead so that we can have many good helpers on those busy days! We will need folks from approximately 8AM to 3 or 3:30 PM on both days.
Many parents have been the volunteer leads for years and we thank you for all your support! If you are terming out, please consider training a volunteer lead to learn from you this time and help at future auditions over the next four years as we gradually phase them out entirely.

We need volunteers for the following emphases. High school students may volunteer independently and middle school students must volunteer with a parent present.

Vocal - Volunteer Lead last year: Jen Lyell & Danine Diew
Theater Volunteer Lead last year: Nicole Jurjavcic
IM -Volunteer Lead last year: Amber Terrell
Visual -Volunteer Lead last year: C. David Guerra
Dance - recommendations?
PD -Volunteer Lead last year: Zettie Ruane and Tami Driver
Lit -Volunteer Lead last year: Carin Ramsey 
Fashion -Volunteer Lead last year: Vickie Maloney & Sharon Le Duy

Michaela Peters
Director of Admission
Oakland School for the Arts
530 18th Street
Oakland, CA 94612