Back to School Night Tonight!
Thu, Sep 6 2:09pm
Oakland School for the Arts

Back to School Night 9/6!

We will be hosting Back-To-School night for our academic classes on Thursday, September 6 starting at 6:10pm for middle school classes and 6:15 for high school classes.  This is a time for parents and guardians to walk through their student's day following their class schedules for Academic Classes only.  It give you an opportunity to put a face with a name for each teacher and experience a peek into the daily routine of your OSA student.


In order to guide you through the time, your student will be completing a personalized version of the schedules below with their classes, teacher name and room numbers.  Students will be receiving blank copies to complete for you tomorrow 9/5 in class.  


The class order will mirror what is listed on PowerSchool. Please check in with your student(s) to ensure they give you a copy of the version that applies to back-to-school night.  We suggest they take a picture of the paper version.  


NOTE: Some classes are shared between middle school and high school academics, so a couple of classes will be meeting in alternate classrooms.