Challenge Day - 7th Graders
Thu, Mar 15 8:00am-3:30pm
Oakland School for the Arts

It’s that time of year when we recruit volunteers from our parents and community at large for Challenge Day.

Every year OSA 7th and 10th graders experience the impact of a full day of this social emotional learning curriculum. 

OSA will be hosting Challenge Day on Wednesday, March 14th for 10th grade and Thursday, March 15th for 7th graders. Volunteers are part of the entire day from 8:00 to 3:30 and we need 30 people per day. Information and links to videos about Challenge Day and testimonials can be found at

Imagine a school where everyone feels safe, loved and celebrated. Imagine enemies finding common ground and making peace; friends healing past hurts and making amends; people igniting their passion for service and leadership; adults and youth working together to create a school where everyone is included and thrives.  

This is a wonderful opportunity to support the OSA community, address bullying, build empathy and make positive change. 

Email Wendy Snyder at if you would like to volunteer indicating which day you are available. Thank you in advance!