Charter Hearing Reminder - tomorrow
Tue, Nov 5 11:12am

Dear OSA Community,


Wednesday night is our Charter Renewal Hearing! Ms. Smith will be presenting our renewal petition on behalf of the school. This is a very challenging time for charter schools and we could use everyone’s help in supporting the effort for renewal.


If you are able, consider coming to the renewal meeting. Please be aware that protesters will likely disrupt the public meeting, in which case the board will convene in a separate room with audio and video links to the main room. OSA is not scheduled until 8:30 PM and we acknowledge that the timing isn’t optimal, but it’s what was given to us and cannot be changed.


Only a very few people will be allowed upstairs into the separate room, and the rest of us will remain downstairs watching the hearing on the live video feed, and showing our support for OSA. We are not recommending that younger students attend, as it may run late.


For a more active role, please consider writing a statement of support for OSA’s renewal. To be effective, please avoid comparisons toward other OUSD schools and the district, and instead focus on what OSA has brought to your family by way of education, arts instruction, and opportunity.  Please email these statements to me so that we may print and present them at the hearing. Also, if you have any contact with OUSD board members or care to write them directly, please do so.


You may also provide public comment electronically here by scrolling down to the item (C-6 19-2227 Public Hearing for Oakland School for the Arts) and click the 'Comment' button.


   - Wednesday November 6th

   - Great Room at La Escuelita Elementary School, 1050 2nd Avenue, Oakland

   - Plan to arrive at 7:45 for our 8:30 hearing, wearing OSA gear, and to cheer for Ms. Smith over the live video feed!


Thank you for your ongoing support of OSA,

Romy Douglass