Feedback Request: OSA Arts Festival
Thu, Mar 8 11:38am
Oakland School for the Arts

Dear OSA Families:

Thank you to everyone who participated in, volunteered at and attended last weekend's Arts Festival. The outpouring of support is one of the many reasons our school such a special place.

As we reflect on what went right, what went wrong, what we could do better or differently for next year, we need your feedback. 

Since it is very challenging to draw from various sources to compile feedback, we created on repository where everyone can contribute. On Konstella, you will find a social group named "OSA Arts Festival Feedback".

From the desktop application, click on "Social Groups" in the left column. Scroll through the groups until you find "OSA Arts Festival Feedback" and select "Join".

From the phone app, select "Directories" in the bottom right corner. Choose "Browse Social Groups". Scroll through until you find "OSA Arts Festival Feedback" and select "Join".


Please take a moment to share your thoughts. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.