From Ms. Joshi: Remote Learning Feedback needed
Sun, Jun 14 5:32pm

Good afternoon,

My name is Uma Joshi-Garcia and I teach World History and Ethnic Studies at OSA. I wanted to let you all know that OSA has developed a fall planning committee made up of arts teachers, academic teachers and administration to plan the design for the fall remote semester. I am personally representing students/parents of color and would love to receive feedback from you all about how remote learning went this last quarter, so that I can directly communicate your feedback/questions/concerns to the planning committee. Our planning committee will be working through the end of June, so please feel free to communicate your feedback to me throughout that time. Since I know we are all surveyed out, please send me your written feedback through email at If you would like to chat on the phone, please send me a request through email and I am happy to do that as well. Here are some types of feedback that you could offer:

  • Successes/challenges as a parent with academic classes during remote learning

  • Successes/challenges as a parent with arts classes during remote learning

  • Examples of ways your student’s teachers organized their remote learning classes that were successful for you and your student 

  • Any other suggestions/feedback that you would like teachers and admin on the planning committee to know

Please feel free to share this information with other OSA parents who would like to provide feedback as well. Thank you all for your time and efforts and I am looking forward to planning the next semester with your valuable input in mind!


Ms. Joshi