General Meeting snafu
Wed, Sep 12 8:20am
Oakland School for the Arts

Good morning fellow parents,


I want to apologize to the community for yesterday's cancellation of the APT General Meeting.  A miscommunication threatened to leave the meeting without a topic or a speaker, and I had to make the decision to pull the meeting or potentially have folks come down for an hour with little to discuss.  In particular, I apologize to all incoming families.  Last night was to be their first APT meeting as part of the OSA community.  Hopefully, you can all make our new time:


Our first general meeting will now be on Tuesday, October 9 at 6:00 PM.  The speaker will be Matthew Travisano, OSA's Artistic Director, who will discuss some exciting updates and themes to this year's arts program.  


Thank you,


Mark Lecker

APT President