High School Course Registration
Tue, May 15 9:56am
Oakland School for the Arts
Hello OSA Community,
A message was sent out on May 4th detailing information about the course selection process for next year. If you did not receive it, please take some time to look at the message below. Counselors and Mr. Oz will be visiting 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grade classes this week to check in about course registration.  
The 17-18 school year is coming to a close and we are starting the process of getting students ready for next fall!  Attached to this email you will find next year's OSA Course Catalog. It outlines the course registration process for all high school grade levels, provides information about the classes that will be offered next year, and contains helpful tools like tables outlining course times and sample schedules. Information for grades 9-12 is included for all families to reference, so please make sure to look at the grade that applies to your student in detail. 
Course registration will be conducted online and will start on May 21st at 7 a.m. for rising 12th graders. Students should follow the steps included in the Course Catalog to log into PowerSchool on their designated day. Course registration will remain open until 5 p.m. onThursday, May 31st.  Though this process will not be happening in an official capacity on campus, teachers will have computers available to students as needed. 
If your student or family has any questions about the OSA Course Catalog or registration process, please feel free to get in touch with our counseling department via email or by stopping by the counseling office in room 335.  Rising 9th and 10th graders can contact Ms. Schultz at aschultz@oakarts.org and rising 11th and 12th graders can reach out to Ms. Snyder at wsnyder@oakarts.org.  Our goal is to have all schedules for the 18-19 school year finalized and live on PowerSchool by the time students leave for the summer.
 *If you are the family of an 8th grade student that is not returning to OSA for high school, it is important that your student does not register for courses as they would potentially be taking a spot in a class from a student that is returning. Please also make sure to get in touch with Ms. Peters at mpeters@oakarts.org to let her know your student is planning to go elsewhere next year. 
Thank you so much for taking the time to look over this information and for the continued support throughout 2017/2018. We look forward to a great end to this year with your student and are excited to have that positive momentum continue into next fall!
Have a great day,
Arlyle Schultz
Head Counselor
Oakland School for the Arts