Internal Transfer Deadline Tomorrow!
Thu, Jan 23 2:23pm

Dear OSA Community,

The deadline to request a transfer to a different arts sub-pathway is TOMORROW, Friday, January 24th at 4:15pm

Applications to transfer will not be accepted after that time.

Students interested in requesting a transfer must fill out the Google Form located on the Advisory Google Classroom. If there is any difficulty locating or filling out the form, students should email Mr. Travisano. Any teacher can also assist a student with the Google Form or in reaching out to Mr. Travisano. Shadowing information will be sent out the week of January 27. Shadowing visits will take place the week of February 3-7 for those students who requested it. Students can locate audition requirements on the OSA website or by contacting any of the arts sub-pathway chairs. 

The transfer auditions are Wednesday, February 12th at 1:30pm. Further information will be sent to students' OSA email addresses and will be posted on the Advisory Google Classroom.

Please email Mr. Travisano ( with questions. 

Thank you!