OSA Parents: Your Voice Matters. Join us this Thursday.
Sat, Aug 24 11:27am


Do you want to learn more about...


Keeping our awesome teachers?

Celebrating our academic and artistic excellence?

What it will take to win a successful charter renewal?

How OSA can better support students of color, socioeconomically disadvantaged students, English-learners, trans students, and students with disabilities?


The future of auditions in our charter renewal?


Do you have ideas you can share on these and other issues?


We invite you to join us at OSA’s Special APT Meeting on the Charter Renewal taking place on August 29 at 6PM at the Student Center at the school.


OSA Board members will be present to answer questions and hear from you.


Also, please save the date for the first APT General membership meeting of the year.  Tuesday, September 10th. Arrive at 5:30 to break break bread and build community.  Or arrive at 6pm for the APT meeting.  Many arts emphases meetings will be scheduled for 7pm. 


-OSA APT Board