OSA Remote Learning Forum
Thu, Apr 23 9:42pm

Dear parents and guardians,


the APT Board would like to invite you to join one of the newly created social groups to share your experiences around remote learning at OSA.

Please share with our community your feedback around grading, deadlines, internet access and any other topic.

Many of you have students at different schools, or are educators at various institutions and it would be great to hear about your experiences on how other school are handling remote learning.

You can join:

High School Remote Learning Group

Middle School Remote learning Group

by selecting the group at the left of your screen and clicking "Join" and post your comment for the group to view.

Please note that only the members that select to be part of the group will be able to share and view comments posted there.


On behalf of the APT Board,

Stay Well!


Lola Hanacek

VP Communications