OSA Teachers, Faculty, and Staff Appreciation Potluck! Parents please sign up today!
Thu, Aug 15 9:12am
5 days before, 3 days before, 1 day before

Dear OSA Parents,


Tomorrow,  August 16th,  the APT is hosting appreciation potluck for our teachers and staff.

In order to feed the 100 people we need your help!

sign up here if you can contribute to the potluck with a dish or your time! 


If you prefer to donate $ you can send any amount via PayPal to lubicaq@comcast.net


We ask for your support to welcome back our school community! We know how much the parent community has rallied around our teachers, faculty, and staff and we want to welcome them back with open arms to let them know how much we appreciate them.  

Sign up for appreciation potluck!


Thank you in advance!  We know we can do this! 

APT Board