OUSD Board Vote Postponed from 12/2/19
Sun, Dec 1 9:50pm
Please stay tuned for more information on OSA's charter renewal. We will need OSA families to show up big when the vote is re-scheduled.  
For parents who are not familiar with the common application, it is an online application that OUSD has available for charter school enrollment.  Many schools use the application. 

Message from OSA leadership regarding OUSD Board vote on OSA's charter:

Hey everyone,
I’ve just received confirmation that we will not be up for a vote at tomorrow’s meeting, because of the motion for us to include an agreement to use the Charter school common application in our enrollment process. After the previous OUSD meeting, their legal team sent over a document for OSA to sign. The negotiations on the document have not been finalized over the holiday break, and we are awaiting a response to our request to get on the agenda for a vote before the winter break.
We will continue to keep you informed as we know of developments.
Best wishes,