REMINDER - Intersession is TOMORROW!
Tue, Jan 21 4:28pm

What Is Intersession?

OSA  Intersession is a full day immersion for all students and staff to depart the classroom environment and experience different communities through exploration, team building, art making, reflection and fun!  These activities will help students learn more about their community, explore art and history, engage in new physical activities and develop or refine personal goals. It marks the end of semester one, and the start of semester two in our academic year. The full catalog of events is linked here.

Your student HAS ALREADY been assigned an Intersession activity.

All OSA students will participate in this event!

Students will participate in a variety of activities including on-campus workshops, field trips to nearby walkable locations such as Lake Merritt and the Oakland Museum, and activities requiring public transportation like visiting the Exploratorium or riding bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge.


Please Remember:

Ensure your student is at school ON TIME so that departing groups can leave for scheduled activities.


If your child's activity is off-campus, send them with comfortable walking shoes, refillable water bottle, Clipper Card (only if available, we will have extras), sunblock (hey, we're optimists), and a bag lunch or lunch money (those who receive a hot lunch at school will also receive a provided lunch tomorrow). Please review your child's activity and use your best judgement about what they might need to bring.


Most students will return to campus around 3:15. See your child's assigned activity for details.

After-school care will take place as usual.


If you have questions, please contact your child's Intersession Leaders or Ms. Zaugg.

Thank you for your support in making this day an awesome experience!