Reminder: Parent Support Seminar - Thursday, 1/25, 6pm, Student Center
Wed, Jan 24 11:27am
Oakland School for the Arts

Please join the OSA Education Support Team for "My Student Is Struggling. What Can I Do?  School Supports for Students".  This is the first in a series of Spring seminars hosted by OSAEST.


Tomorrow night's seminar includes speakers Dr. Christian Patz and Arlyle Shultz. They will provide an overview of services offered by the school, including how the general education team can help as well as interventions for students with disabilities. 


Topics will include:

  • The Student Study Team
  • Counseling
    • Academic
    • Mental Health
  • Disabilities
    • The How and Why of 504s
    • What is Special Education
  • The Learning Center
  • Academic Support Classes
    • Short-term Academic Improvement
    • Long-term Academic Improvement
    • Math Lab
    • Creative Writing
    • Math Success
  • Meeting with Teachers
  • Outside Resources

Christian Patz, Ed.D. is the Director of Special Education and has worked with students with unique needs for over 20 years. Arlyle Schultz is the Lead Counselor and has been at OSA for over 12 years. For the last five years, she has taught and overseen the academic support classes. The OSA Education Support Team endeavors to build capacity in our students, their families, and the Oakland community. We hope to be able to contribute insightful recommendations that will improve, strengthen and help expand support for students with special needs. We provide resources, referrals, information and networking. We desire to foster strong, solid working foundations between parents and the school, so that everyone who is invested in the education of a student is able to function as a team to obtain the best possible education for our students.


Mark your calendars for the entire series. Details about each topic will be forthcoming.

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