School Will Be Open Today
Thu, Oct 12 7:11am
Oakland School for the Arts
Good Morning OSA Families,
As the tragic fires continue to burn up North, the air quality in downtown Oakland is being greatly affected.  Though we will be holding classes today, we will be taking all precautions to minimize student and faculty exposure to the contaminated air.  All windows to the building will be kept closed and middle school PE will continue to take place indoors.  We ask that parents and guardians of high school students reinforce the importance of minimizing student's time outdoors when getting lunch and/or moving to other locations for afternoon art classes.  Teachers will also be reinforcing this and OSA faculty will walk around the building to move students indoors.  If you are commuting from an area with poor air quality making your commute unsafe, we understand you may choose to keep your student home today.  Please report such absences to
Thank You,
OSA Administration