Support OSA Teachers
Mon, Jan 27 2:06pm

The Heart of OSA! Come out to Support OSA Teachers this Wednesday at the OSA Board meeting.  The meeting starts at 6:15, and the teachers' presentation is currently scheduled for 6:50pm in the Student Center

Many of you probably remember that frustrated by high faculty turnover, low wages, and lack of transparency, OSA’s teachers announced their decision to form a union last May.  With the cooperation of the administration and Board, they easily won recognition in September and are now ready to begin bargaining for their first union contract.  This Wednesday will mark the first step in that process when the Coalition of OSA Teachers (COSAT) will formally present their list of bargaining topics to the OSA Board.  Their goals include:

Fair and Transparent Pay

  • Clear, consistent system of step advancement
  • Audit current use of stipend system
  • Consistent stipends for all that meet requirements

Job Security

  • Tenure (or equivalent) as teachers move up the scale
  • Consistent, timely contracts for the coming year
  • Reasonable Job Security

Built-in Cost of Living Adjustments

  • A initial salary adjustment to catch up with inflation
  • Annual COLA adjustments in the future, so they don’t fall behind again.