Thank you, Staci
Tue, Apr 14 5:23pm
Hello OSA Families -
You may have read the email message from the OSA Board with the news that Ms. Staci Smith will be leaving OSA next year. On behalf of the APT Board we would like to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Staci for her dedication and commitment to the students and families of OSA. She has done so much during her time at OSA, it's hard to capture it all in this email. Without a doubt, Staci's leadership led the way to our recent charter renewal.  The bottom line is, that she led the way when we weren't sure we would make it through.  She did so with steadfast unwavering leadership. At times leadership means stepping aside and letting the community lead alongside and with, and that is what she did. That is a sign of a strong leader. Thank you, Staci.
This was a complex, stressful and difficult process that she managed with grace, strength, and determination. Staci has been the senior leader of OSA during our current school year, stepping in to stabilize our school during a very difficult time. It was clear during the most challenging moments that Staci kept us moving forward because she believes so strongly in OSA, our history, our future, and the staff and students. 
This departure is even more difficult because we will not be coming together for the remainder of the year to honor Staci in the way that she truly deserves.
In her email today she mentions that she will be back to visit OSA. We would love to celebrate all she has done for our kids, our school and our community when we are able to come together in person. Staci deserved so much more, but at the very least we can do this. The ripple effects that Staci will have on our kids and our community will unfold for years to come. We wish her all the very best in her next adventure. 
The OSA Board is choosing a new leader, the new Executive Director has big shoes to fill. We hope that person can not only reflect the principles of diversity, equity, leadership from alongside instead of top down, but also represent our diverse community. A true commitment to equity means living it everyday in how we do the work.
Thank you Staci, for living the word.
Your APT.
OSA Board Meeting tonight:
The meeting can also be accessed by going to and typing in the Meeting ID 159 766 296 found on the agenda. Following our remote learning protocols for internet safety, if the direct link isn't clicked, a password will be required. The password for this meeting is OSABOARD20.