The Technovation Challenge is on!
Mon, Oct 23 6:58am
Oakland School for the Arts
Hey girls! Love technology? Want to make a difference? Join the Technovation Challenge!  
Learn the skills necessary to become a tech entrepreneur and leader! Join a team to create, build, and sell an app that addresses a problem in your community! The program lasts 12 weeks and requires a commitment of about four hours a week. 
Registration is open NOW. To register your team, visit Mrs. Yan in room 248 during lunch.
Here's how it works:
●     Assemble and register your team (2-5 girls)
●     Identify a problem in your community
●     Meet weekly with your team (around 4 hours a week) to go through the Technovation curriculum
●     Create and code an app to solve that problem with the support of a mentor
See Attachment for more details