Two Important Meetings This Week--APT meeting tomorrow, and Students w/ Disabilities MTG
Mon, Sep 9 12:32pm

Dear OSA Parents,

Please join us at these two important  meetings this week taking place at the OSA student center:

Tuesday September 10th 5:30PM-7:00PM (followed by emphasis APT meetings) join us for the APT General meeting to discuss and give your feedback on the charter renewal and how parents and students can be involved in this important issue, and help us plan APT items for the year!

Wednesday September 11th 6PM-7PM join Interim Principal Michael Oz to hear about updates and changes at the special education department and supports for all students with disabilities.  Find out how to access supports for your student at OSA by joining PODS-APT (Parents of Students with Disabilities-APT) and give your feedback!

See you then!

Your APT Board