ultimate frisbee team middle school
Youth Ultimate Frisbee Team. Who wants to play ultimate frisbee? I’m coaching youth and would like to start a team at OSA at some point. I will be coaching Claremont Middle School this year, where ultimate frisbee is a club sport, and kids from other schools, like OSA, can play on this same team. There are more and more opportunities happening all the time. For more info on the game and playing opportunities for all ages, go to bayareadisc.org . I expect we will have a Fall season and a Spring season, like many other local public and private middle schools. There are also Winter and Spring leagues hosted by the Bay Area Disc Association. I recommend signing up for their newsletters. In addition, Piedmont Rec Dept is offering two ultimate classes end of Oct. through mid December, one for coed younger kids, and a girls class for ages 8-15 on Sunday afternoons which I expect to coach. Here’s a bit of info about the game: Learn to play one of the fastest growing sports in the world: Ultimate Frisbee (aka Ultimate)! It combines some of the most exciting elements of basketball, soccer, and non-contact football. Ultimate is not just another sport, as it places equal focus on the three pillars of fostering character, community, and competition, and provides a healthy, positive, physical and social outlet for all. I will post more info when I have time. Please feel free to email me at carmengetit@gmail.com. Patsy Smith Mom to Monique Wethy, 6th grade vocals
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