Good Grades = Free Donuts at Top That Donuts!
Tue, Feb 21 7:08pm
Spread the Sweet News!!! Good Grades = Free Donuts at your favorite donut shop.
From Feb 17th – 26th 2023, the Point Pleasant Beach location will be giving out free donuts for A’s. So, bring your report card in and cash in on this deal that’s too sweet to be true!
- 1 A = 1 Free Donut
- 4 or more A’s = 4 Free Donuts
- Kindergarten – 8th grade report cards only.
- Grading systems vary by district, the equivalent of an A will count towards free donuts (ie 90 or higher, E, etc)
- Core classes and Specials count equally
- Child(ren) and Parent/Guardian must both be present to claim.
- One claim per child.
- Must bring a hard copy of your report card, no pictures/app logins accepted.
- No Preorders for free donuts
- Menu selections for free donuts will be limited.
- Must be a valid 2nd marking period report card to qualify
Visit Top That Donuts for more details!