Holiday Shop Volunteers Needed
Thu, Dec 7 8:10am - Fri, Dec 8 2:30pm
Ocean Road Elementary School
1 day before, 2 days before




Please be advised that our volunteers are needed for the entire length of the shops operation (Thursday 8:10-2:00 & Friday 8:10-2:30).  We understand that these are long days, but we are unable to accommodate multiple shifts so if you have signed up and can not stay from start to finish please reach out so we can fill the slot to avoid being short the necessary volunteers on the shop days.  Thank you for your understanding!!


Holiday Shop volunteers needed to assist our shoppers in making purchase choices and paying for their items.  Come see the joy our little shop brings to our kids and help us in making another Holiday Shop a great success!


Holiday Shop Volunteers Signed Up: 10 / 10

Thu, Dec 7 8:10am-2:00pm

Holiday Shop Volunteers Signed Up: 8 / 10

Fri, Dec 8 8:10am-2:30pm
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