No Child Left Inside Day
Fri, Jun 2 8:00am
Ocean Road Elementary School

Ocean Road School students will celebrate “No Child Left Inside Day” on Friday, June 2.  The goal of the day is to “bring learning outside!”  Students will enjoy an assembly featuring live animals, practice their yoga poses, create a school-wide art project, attend an outdoor concert featuring student performers, and enjoy a free visit to an ice cream truck with their classmates.

Please send your child to school with the following items on Friday, June 2nd:

A beach towel

Lunch or lunch money and a snack as usual, plus an extra drink for the day 

Sunscreen (please apply at home)

Clothing and footwear appropriate for outdoor fun

(If your child is not permitted to eat ice cream due to allergies, please send a note to your child’s teacher on or before June 2)