Nominate: PTO Board 2022-2023
Tue, Apr 5
Ocean Road Elementary School
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Dear Ocean Road School Parents,

We are looking for a few super enthusiastic parents to join our ORSPTO board for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year! Do you enjoy a team environment, fun times, encouraging community happenings, and have an energetic spirit? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may want to consider joining our ORSPTO Board!

OUR PURPOSE: The Ocean Road School Parent/Teacher Organization (ORSPTO) is the parent and teacher body to serve the school, administration, teachers, and students by:

  • Providing community building opportunities through all activities
  • Organizing, overseeing, and performing all volunteer needs
  • Planning and carrying out fundraisers
  • Lending to the school’s continual advancement through active family support of time, talents, and treasure.

PTO EXECUTIVE BOARD: The Executive Board consisting of the roles of President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Board shall be elected by the ORSPTO members at the last meeting of every year and shall serve for one year term. No Executive Board Officer shall serve more than three consecutive terms in the same office (position) unless voted upon majority at last meeting and only on a case-by-case basis. Any office should be held by two people (i.e. Co-President, etc) that will work together to share the duties of that position.

The 2022-2023 ORS school year will begin in September 2022. In preparation, we elect our ORSPTO Board Members by May 10, 2022. This allows introductions to current board members, review of approved budget, and cohesiveness moving into the new school year. We strive to vote in an incoming parent with an outgoing parent board member to provide mentorship opportunities for smooth transitions each year. Voting will take place during our May Bi-Monthly General Meeting. Any parent is welcome to nominate themselves or another parent. Current Board members and the term they are serving for the 2021-2022 are listed below.

Below is a list of Board Member positions for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. If you are interested in serving as a board member, please contact with any questions or for further understanding of the roles and responsibilities. Please sign-up with the position you are interested in volunteering for by April 5th, 2022.

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PRESIDENT: Signed Up: 2 / 10

Tue, Apr 5
Consult with the principal as to dates, functions and other issues prior to the school year. Advise all committee chairs as to procedures to follow in running an event. Must keep an open line of communications with his/her officers. Board meetings shall be held before monthly meetings and as needed. Should be present at Kindergarten Orientation. Must examine and sign all bank statements monthly as dictated by insurance policy. Meet with Project 5th grade committee chairs as to procedure before the beginning of the school year. Current President: Julia Zuñiga-Piga (third term)
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VICE PRESIDENT: Signed Up: 2 / 10

Tue, Apr 5
Responsible for completing facilities requests and raffle licenses. Responsible for renewing the Legalized game of Chance licensing bi-annually. Responsible for keeping standing rules up to date. Will become President Designee upon his/her absence at a function of meeting. Carry out specific responsibilities assigned by the president. Current Vice President: Cassandra Hastie (second term)
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Tue, Apr 5
Responsible for collecting membership forms and creating a directory of all PTO members. Conduct all official correspondence for the organization. Pick up mail from the PTO mailbox and distribute it as necessary. Carry out specific responsibilities assigned by the president. Current Corresponding Secretary: Shana McLellan (third term)
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Tue, Apr 5
Responsible for preparing agenda for the meetings and for taking minutes at each monthly meeting. Maintain records of attendance for all general meetings. Posts approved minutes on the website. Carry out specific responsibilities assigned by the president. Current Co-Recording Secretaries: Anita Green (second term) & Caren May (first term)
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TREASURER: Signed Up: 2 / 10

Tue, Apr 5
Shall present a treasurer’s report at each general meeting which shall include balances on all accounts, and a detailed list of expenses.The outgoing treasurer and newly elected treasurer will work together to complete year end paperwork and taxes. No checks will be issued without a proper reimbursement form. All checks $500 and over must be signed by two board members. Bank reconciliation is completed every month. All monies must be deposited within two business days. Alert the president and chairperson of all returned checks. Follow up on all returned checks with a letter or phone call. Current Co-Treasurers: Lauren Holman (third term) & Georgeann Gray (second term)
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