Ocean Road School Flip Flop Challenge!
Tue, May 28 - Wed, Jun 12
Ocean Road Elementary School

Callan’s Character Crew is proud to support Panthers Let’s Eat for our final service project of the year!   Panthers Let’s Eat is a group of volunteers whose mission is to make sure that no child in Point Pleasant experiences hunger during the summer months.  Panthers Let’s Eat provides weekly deliveries of groceries to families in our own Ocean Road School community.

This food collection will help stock the Emergency Pantry supply for the summer.   

Callan’s  Character Crew will be collecting the following items through June 12:

cereal boxes/ microwave oatmeal

pasta/jar sauce

macaroni and cheese boxes,microwave cups

fruit cups/pouches

peanut butter/jelly

granola bars

juice boxes

healthy snacks (cracker,pretzels, goldfish, etc)

*Please note that Panthers Let’s Eat is no longer asking for canned foods.

Please follow Panthers Let’s Eat on Facebook and Instagram @panthersletseat

All students who donate an item to our final food drive are welcome to wear flip flops on the last day of school – June 14th!!!  Take the Flip Flop Challenge and help us to help children in our school family over the summer months!


“We all RISE by lifting others”