Walk to School Day Committee

Walk to School Day Committee

The Walk to School Day Committee helps coordinate the participation of Ocean Road Elementary School in International Walk to School Day with the children from all over the world!

Children and adults from around the world to celebrate the benefits of walking and bicycling.
Walk to School Day is an annual event that promotes walking and bicycling for several reasons:
• Physical activity
• Teaching safe pedestrian and bicycling skills to children
• Awareness of how walkable & community is and where improvements can be made
• Concern for the environment
• Reducing traffic congestion, pollution and speed near schools
• Sharing time with community leaders, parents and children

Walk to School Day Contacts and Checklist can be accessed at the following location:

Walk to School Day is coordinated in the U.S.A. by the National Center for Safe Routes to School.

info@orspto.com  |  www.orspto.com
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Positions (2/2 filled)

Committee Admin Signed Up: 1 / 1

Committee Chair Signed Up: 1 / 1

One Month Before: Register ORS event on walkbiketoschool.org Find out # of students currently attending ORS from Mrs. Buck or PTO officers. Email Charles Feggens with # of students for safety pamphlets, he will deliver to you. Email Rob Lokerson with event date to see if Officer Aurin is available. Email Amy Hover with event date for Panther mascot. Email Ian Henderson to make sure he scheduled safety assembly with Mrs. Buck. Two Weeks Before: Email Shana McLellan, ORS PTO Corresponding Secretary, to update handout pages with correct date Walk to School Pledge and Scavenger Hunt. She will also promote the event on Konstella and the PTO social media pages. Update letter to teachers. Print out additional pages (crossword, word search, etc.) from walkbiketoschool.org. Photocopy handouts at ORS main office for the students. Schedule a sign up on Konstella with Shana McLellan, ORS PTO Corresponding Secretary, for help counting handouts for classrooms. Go to Point Bikes with $150 check to get for Scavenger Hunt prize. (I usually pay with a personal check and get reimbursed, you can also get a check from the PTO ahead of time.) Purchase envelopes, paper clips. Keep receipt for PTO reimbursement. Purchase “thank you” gift cards (if you want) for Panther/cheerleaders, keep receipt. Contact Press. One Weeks Before: Assemble “class envelops” for teachers to distribute to students. It usually takes about an hour with help. Make sure this is done in plenty of time for them to hand them out in Friday folders the week before the event. Teacher Letter on the front Pledge Sheet, Scavenger Hunt Form, Safety Pamphlets, Crosswords, word finds, stickers, etc. Bring class envelopes to school and put in teacher mailboxes BEFORE the Friday before the event. Print out Panther gear certificates - one per grade. Label prize envelopes e.g. “Walk to School Day Winner- $20 Panther Gear”. Bring prize envelopes to school and give to Mrs. Buck. She takes care of choosing names and giving out prizes. (This can be done any time before event, even that day.) Print giant logo and glue it to white banner paper from school. Bring to event for kids to sign their names. (Arrange for table/markers to use. I brought from home.) Day of: Set up table with signature banner in front of Catherine Street doors. Include markers. With parent permission take photos of the event, then send to Shana McLellan, ORS PTO Corresponding Secretary Enjoy the event! Clean up table and give banner to Mrs. Buck. Send thank you notes and PTO reimbursement forms, if necessary Find out the winners from “Walk to School Day” from Mrs. Buck and email Shana McLellan, ORS PTO Corresponding Secretary, with the list of names of winners