Help out at Ollie's Outpost
Fri, Oct 25 9:55am-10:35am
Oliveira Elementary
1 day before, 3 days before

Oliveira Elementary teachers are looking for 15+ volunteers to help "sell" Oliveira School coupons next Friday, Oct. 25, from 9:55 - 10:35 am. This will be a mini Ollie's Outpost for students in grades 1-6. Volunteers will help during both the 1st-3rd grade morning recess and the 4th - 6th grade morning recess.


Volunteers will need to check in at the office and will proceed to the store area (we have not decided on an outdoor location yet).


Ollie's Outpost Volunteers Signed Up: 15 / 20

Fri, Oct 25 9:55am-10:35am
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