News about FUSD School Board Meeting
Tue, Sep 26 4:01pm
Oliveira Elementary

The upcoming 9/27 meeting will discuss the "Horse Property purchased by FUSD and the options for. See details on previous meeting notes here:


The district has posted the agenda for the Sept 27th Board meeting:

The board meeting will be held at the district office 4210 Technology Drive. The meeting starts at 6pm. Open public comment starts between 7:00 and 7:30 for items NOT on the agenda.
There is an item on the agenda that has gotten a lot of attention particularly in the Washington and American attendance areas. The board will be considering options for the development of the “horse property.” From the above link, you can scroll down to item 14.3 to see the details about the recommendation before the board. It is not clear what time item 14.3 will be presented.

If you would like to share your thoughts with the board, you can email them. Their address are on the district web page. It is helpful if the board members have plenty of time to consider your input, so it’s best to get email to them at least 24 hours before the board meeting.

If you would like to attend the board meeting and speak about this issue (or any other issue), here are some tips:
- Arrive at the board meeting early enough to fill out a speaker card and turn it into the secretary at the front of the room. If you plan to speak about an item on the agenda, fill out a green speaker card. (If you are speaking about the horse property item, list item 14.3 on the green card.)
- If you wish to speak about an item not on the agenda, fill out an orange speaker card.
- Generally, the board allows 3 minutes for each speaker, but if there are many speakers, the board may vote to limit time for speakers to 2 minutes (or even 1 minute on rare occasions). If you are preparing a speech, consider preparing a 3 minute, 2 minute and even a 1 minute version.
- If there are many speakers sharing similar opinions, it is helpful for the board to have large groups designate one speaker. That one speaker can ask others in the room who have attended with them to stand or come to the podium. If a large group would like to designate a single speaker, make note of that on the bottom of the speaker card.
- In general, the board does not allow speakers to give their time to other speakers.
Please feel free to share this information with your unit yahoo groups or any other forum where this information may be useful.