No Valet Wednesdays
Weekly on and Wednesdays from Apr 18, 2018 to Jun 13, 2018
Oliveira Elementary
1 day before

No Valet Wednesdays starts April 18, and will be every Wednesday thereafter. Drive Through Valet Area drop off lanes will be closed. Please alert your nannies, drivers, daycares, and others that drop off and pick up your children.


Please remember:

Crosswalks are no stopping/no parking zones

U-turns over double yellow lines are prohibited

Emergency lanes are no stopping/no parking zones

Walk when in a crosswalk

Fremont Parent Nursery School (yellow pre-school building)parking area is off limits to Oliveira Families everyday.

Don't block neighbors driveways - please legally park and demonstrate the Great Trait of Caring to your children and school neighbors.