PTA Board Meeting
Tue, Mar 10 6:30pm-8:30pm
Oliveira Elementary
1 day before, 4 days before, 10 days before
  1. Call to Order/Roll Call 3  minutes
  2. Principal Report/Mrs.Anderson news about Oliveira 10  minutes
  • Downing updates of the shade installation 5  minutes
  1. Nominate an Audit Committee                                                5  minutes
  2. Board Roster for next year (20/21) 5 minutes
  3. Announce Minutes Approval (Jan & Feb.) and Membership 5  minutes
  • Past Events (Family Dance Night)                                             3  minutes
  • PTA Program/Activity Updates                                       10 minutes
  • Movie Night (March 27) Vote if we should cancel it ? for safety reasons.
  • Propose another Movie Outdoor instead ?
  • PTA Meeting – 4/12/20 (Invite a guest speaker ?)            
  1. Fundraising and Cook Nights Out:                                    15 minutes
  • Pizza Guys 20% OFF and 20% back to PTA  every Wednesday & Thursday

         (March, April & May)

  • Dunkin Donuts (once a year) Fundrasing 20% back to PTA ONLY bringing flyers.

           It will be on Saturday for 4hrs.   We need to choose a day (WE NEED A LOT OF


  • BJ's Restaurant (same the above) 20% back to PTA ONLY bringing flyers.
  • Rita's Italian Ice (sponsored us for the membership campaign class prizes). Now we would like to promote their italian ice on prepaid form with our school. With cups pre-pack italian ice and pick it up after school.   Also I invited him to our outdoor events.
  • PTA needs more of these events. It will be GREAT if each board member would help hosting once a year one with one local restaurant or dining place.
  1. Upcoming Events & News:                                                              20 minutes
  • Spring Festival (May 1)           Nominate a Committee and start planning activities 
  • PTA Container's key: organize and combine items from room#2 and PTA closet into the container, plus make an inventory of PTA concessions, equipment & supplies.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4-8) Committee needs to start planning and organizing activities  & ideas.  Please ask  Ortiz's for feedback.


  1. Treasurer’s Report                                                                     10 minutes
  • Pay Bills/Reimbursements*
  • Approve check for $2000 to Boosterthon owed it from prior PTA.


  • Pre-approved agenda of PTA events 2020/2021 5  minutes   

          Start preparing agenda and budget (2020/2021) for approval next Association meeting so we won't have a PTA board meeting in July.             

 ***** EXTRAS.