Please sign up for a PTA position or join a committee!
Wed, Aug 30 3:10pm
Oliveira Elementary

Hello Parents,

We hope you had a wonderful first day of school! Oliveira campus was quite an exciting place to be today. We hope you will also consider taking some time to look at all the opportunities for you to get involved with our school. We can really use your help with all the upcoming events and needs at our school (e.g. fundraising events like Oliveirathon, movie nights committee, yearbook committee).

On your mobile phone, you can find out more by clicking on "Directory" at the bottom of the app. then Browse for Committees:


If you are on the computer, you just have to select the "Committees" link on the left navigation menu:

If you have any questions, please do no hesitate to post your question here on Konstella, or you can email