Hospitality Team

The chair/committee promotes the spirit of friendliness and cooperation within the Oliveira community.  It provides support and shows appreciation to Oliveira teachers and staff.

The hospitality committee makes sure our Olvieira community and staff feels welcomed and appreciated.  Hospitality hosts numerous events by supplying decorations, food, and beverages.  Below is a short list of the events in which this committee takes part.  If you are interested, you can help out with as many option as  you like.

First Day of School Coffee & Donuts

Coffee is set up on the black top the first day of school so parents can visit with members of the PTA and ask any questions they may have after drop off.

First Day of Teacher Workday Hospitality

Snacks are provided for the teachers for their first day back at work or first day of school.

PTA Meetings

Every other month, hospitality provides light snacks and/or finger foods and drinks for the PTA meetings. 

School Dance

Hospitality Team helps to decorate and setup for the dance party in MUR.

Teacher Appreciation Week

During this week, the hospitality committee makes sure every staff member knows how valuable they are to our school. 

Positions (1/2 filled)

Committee Chair Signed Up: 1 / 1

Hospitality Team Member Signed Up: 7 / 11

Team members will take turns purchasing and delivering food items for teachers and staff monthly to show support and appreciation.
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