Oliveirathon 2020 Committee

Oliveira PTA needs to make a decision on whether to use Boosterthon next year and in order to keep more money raised at the school. The benefit of using Boosterthon is because we do not have enough parent volunteers and they usually raise a bit more than we had been able to on our own. Currently, Boosterthon takes 50% of the money raised.

We are looking to establish a robust group of parents committed enough that can help put on Oliveirathon without Boosterthon next year. In order to make it happen Fall 2020, we will need to start planning during this school year. We need to make sure we have enough parents willing to commit.

If you want to see us put on Oliveirathon and is willing to commit to helping, please sign up for this committee.

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Part of organizing and volunteering group for Oliveirathon in 2020.
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