Safety Planning Committee

Join Oliveira's "Safety Planning Committee" now and support a safe academic and working environment for all.


  • Oliveira has a Safety Planning Committee (SPC) which examines facility issues to ensure a safe campus. Oliveira also has a safety plan, disaster preparedness plan, and a crisis team. The SPC conducts periodic fire, lockdown, earthquake, and disaster drills in accordance with EC 32000, 32200, 35294.10, 35294.112 & 51202.

    If you have concerns about safety items at Oliveira, or would like a copy of Oliveira's safety plan, contact the Oliveira Office, or Risk Management at (510)659-2588.

    Oliveira's school site council (SSC) is responsible for developing the school site safety plan or for delegating the responsibility to Oliveira's safety planning committee. Ed.Code 35294.1. Oliveira's safety planning committee shall be composed of the following members:

    • Principal or Designee
    • Teacher who is a representative of the recognized certificated employee organization
    • One parent/Guardian whose child attends Oliveira
    • one classified employee who is a representative of the recognized classified employee organization
    • Other members if desired 

    Other members of the school or community may provide valuable insights as members of the School Safety Planning Committee. Additional members may


    • a representative from the local law enforcement agency
    • School Resource Officers
    • School Counselor
    • One or more key community service providers
    • Student representative(s)
    • Disciplinary team member
    • Staff leaders
    • Additional parent representatives
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