#PS20MovieNight outdoors logistics: COVID19 regulations and sustainability protocol.
Fri, Apr 23 2:14am

Dear families,


Today will be our first #PS20MovieNightOutdoors and we are all very excited.


We would like to thank the DOE who is now allowing schools to organize Art-related events outdoors, and we would like to thank immensely, our Principal, Mrs. Barbera who allowed us to immediately re-start #MovieNight at #PS20.


As we are celebrating this #getbacktoNormal and #getbacktogether, we would like not to forget to practice social distancing and respect all #COVID19regulations, as well as our #PS20SustainabilityPledge.


COVID19 regulations:

We will have masks (for children and adults), hand sanitizing lotion, and wipes on-site.

We will be distancing each family/pod according to the CDC regulations by 6ft.

We kindly ask everyone to mask up at all time; Mask to be removed ONLY at eating/drinking time:)

We kindly ask that kids remain seated during the movie; NO running around or playing will be allowed.

We kindly ask families to bring their own picnic blankets or chairs.

Blanket holders will be seated in the front by the giant screen, and chair holders will be seated behind, to not block the view to other families.


Foodservice with COVID19 precautions:

Tickets will be distributed to families according to the number of individuals.

Each ticket is for 1 pizza slice and one drink.

We will be serving each fam/pod their pizza slices delivered in an individual box.

There will be plenty of pre-packaged popcorn bags. 



Zero Waste and Sustainability Pledge: REDUCE, RECYCLE & REUSE

We kindly ask all families to bring their own plates, cups, and cutlery, as we are reducing the amount of paper and plastic to be used during #PS20events. #PS20GreenTeam encourages you to #bringYourOwn #BYO water bottle etc...; use cloth and reusable dishes from your home.


We will have a #ZeroWaste station to separate #organics #plastics and #trash.

Mr.Chung will have a separate bin for #pizzacrusts <)))


If this is your first time at a #ZeroWaste #PS20event, do not worry, we make it easy for our families to follow the #ZeroWaste #protocole, and kids usually teach their parents very well:)


This week has been the #EarthWeek2021 and yesterday was the #EarthDay2021. All students have been celebrating per grade at PS20, by planting seeds, cleaning up Fort Green Park, making postcards, etc...


In honor of #EarthWeek, we will launch during this #firstGetBackTogether, our pledge for next year #PS20ZeroWasteSchool, and run a friendly #EarthDay #PS20Trivia.

"We #Reduce #Reuse #Recycle at school, in our day-to-day life at home, and everywhere else".


With the pandemic and the schoolyear's interruption, we did let the subject rest, for a minute, while COVID19 regulations were superseding everything around our school. But as soon as the kids were back in the building, all measures were set for a successful #ZeroWasteSchool.

There are color-coded bins in every classroom, bathroom,  hallways, office, cafeteria, auditorium, and gymnasium.

Green is for paper, blue is for plastic and black/grey is for trash. We have buckets for liquids.


All teams at #PS20, are on board to make #PS20 a #ZeroWasteSchool:

team custodial, team kitchen/cafeteria, team school staff, team teachers, team paras, team admin, team security, team students, and team families.


PS20 will be participating in reducing its own #carbonfootprint, becoming a #ZeroWasteSchool and therefore protecting #EarthClimate.

Yes, every little action adds up towards #saving #ourPlanet #MotherEarth.


If you would like to join the #PS20GreenTeam please email me at drmbellis@gmail.com


Good things are happening at PS20!


#HappyPS20MovieNight #Outdoors





"Take the Zero Waste Pledge

Be part of the solution, take the pledge to reduce, reuse and recycle! By taking this pledge, you are committing to living a greener lifestyle whether that means donating the clothes you never wear, separating out your food scraps for compost or recycling your old laptop."