#PS20MovieNight: THANK YOU PS20 families.
Sat, Apr 24 3:25pm

Dear P.S.20 Families,


Thank you for coming yesterday on a coolish night with your chairs, blankets, and your blankies! PS20 schoolyard had never looked so beautiful! We are counting our blessings and we must give many thanks, to so many people who made yesterday night possible.


First thanks to Principal  Barbera who allowed #MovieNight to re-start at PS20. #gratitude


Thanks to Mrs. Ina Friedman who pulled the DOE after-hours school permit. #PS20sBeyonce


Thanks to our security for yesterday's night, NYPD Officer Best. #Service


Thanks to Mr. Falco and his crew: Mr. Orlando, Mr. Ali, Mr. Vinny, Mr. Julian and  Mr, Paul! These awesome men are always there to help the PS20 community! It is Mr. Falco who gave us the idea of the inflatable giant screen for outdoor! #teamCustodial


Thanks to Mr. Chung and PS20's dad Matt for their incredible technical support. David, we could not have pulled this off, without your meticulous and organized way of doing all things at PS20! Can't wait for your #PS20TalentShow, season#5! Matt, your coolness with so much rigor, gets the job done, always! #chapeauMessieurs 



Thanks to Ms. Cassimiro who graciously lent to us the projector and speaker for yesterday's rehearsal at noon and for the projection. #obrigada


Thanks to Mr. Hampton who arranged for PS20 students Wolf, and tweens Julia, and Erin, and their dad, to entertain us before the movie.  #JazzyWellDone


Thanks to Mr. Law Watford PTA co-president, who is the best #PS20 #MC #ever, and so much more behind the scenes! #Lawville


Thanks to Kathryn for the fundraiser's "superb coup" at #PS20MovieNight, and thanks to PS20 parent Emily Miranda who once again, made and donated the #PS20TruckerHats for the fundraiser. #beyondgenerosity #fundraiserwizard


Thanks to PS20 mom PTA Treasurer Elizabeth and PS20 dad Derek for setting up the text donation at 44-321 for #PS20MovieNight. #FinanceFinestAtPS20


Thanks to all families for their donations to #PS20MovieNight and to all those who purchased the #PS20TruckerHat! #teamPS20


Thanks to PS20 mom Alana, Outdoor committee chair, who let us use the wagons! #teamOutdoors


Thanks to the #PS20MovieNight #FoodCrew! We had some new parent volunteers such as PS20 mom Anne who swiftly served the Chorizo pizzas before moving to the microwavable popcorn. #AnnetheGreat


Thanks to our beautiful #PS20MovieNight veterans (5 years) mom Angie (Mrs. Watford) and mom Elsa. who showed up at the pizza table, and used the microwave for the popcorn. We are usually (before COVID) behind the real popcorn machine, making delicious coconut oil-flavored popcorn throughout the night, and we do have 3 popcorn machines at PS20. Can't wait to get back to #normal. #PS20MovieFamily


Thanks to PS20 mom Joanne who bought the drinks, helped at the rehearsal, and sold the Trucker Hats. #JoanneOfPS20


Thanks to PS20 mom Venetia who made the #PS20MovieNight flier during 2019-2020 and yesterday's movie' flier. #artsyThanks


Thanks to PS20 mom Annie who promoted the event on SM! #InstaAnnie


Thanks to all families who did manage their kids when the little ones wanted to run around. It all worked perfectly since we have so much space in the back of the schoolyard including the play lab. Next time we will decorate the play lab with some LED lights. 


Thanks to all families who helped collectively in the after-movie cleanup, and did a remarkable job sorting out their trash at our #ZeroWaste station. We are making progress!

Mr. Chung collected all the pizza crusts in his newly made composter. #SustainabilityAtPS20


 We will be having 2 more movie nights one in May and one in June. In Pre-COVID times we would switch to show a French movie one month, and an English movie the next month.

Movies have been selected in the past 5 years by students' votes, so stay tuned for the next movie choices. Thanks to PS20Alumni Sandrine Enront who helped develop this formula for movie night.  We miss you Sandrine! 


Also, while we are waiting for the Sun to set, we will be offering "audio" shorts about #Sustainability and #ClimateChange and more music playing by students and parents.


We encourage all volunteers to show up and help with the setup. Join the #PS20MovieCommittee on Konstella. We understand our schedules are unpredictable but we can all rotate and make the whole event a very FUN event! The #PS20movienight committee is made of a dedicated group of parents who simply show up once a month on Friday Night for the magic of #movieNight. If you would like to join the #PS20MovieNight gang, please email Meryem at  drmbellis@gmail.com. Few of us are graduating and we need to pass on the baton. We can train the future gang on the next events! Stay tuned for a zoom meeting to prepare for the next movie nights. #PS20MovieNightFutureTeam


For all the families who could not be with us because they are #PS20RemoteFamilies, we miss you all dearly, you are amazing and we hope we can all get back together sooner than later. #PS20Strong #PS20BackTogether


Thanks to this wonderful community who came yesterday night despite the cold, to show our resilience in the face of what we have been through since last year. #PS20MovieNight is a fantastic community builder at PS20. We need it now more than ever. #PS20Family


Be safe be well and see you at the next #PS20MovieNight!





Watch for the 93rd Oscars results on Sunday night...SOUL might win Best Animated Feature