📣 Still Time to Donate to PS 20's JEDI Social Justice Run Fundraiser!
Fri, Jun 10 7:34pm

THANK YOU to our amazing PS 20 community for an amazing and successful Social Justice Run! We're so grateful to all the volunteers who helped make today happen, with special thanks to the PS 20 teachers and students who thoughtfully selected a range of incredible causes to run for—from food insecurity and girls' education to racial justice and human trafficking. And an extra special thanks to runner, activist, and PS 20 parent Coffey (as well as his crew of coaches!) for leading all our amazing students on today's runs. What an inspiring day.


Thanks to the support of this amazing community, we've already raised more than $10,000 (!!!) to support PS 20 PTA's JEDI Fund, which will allow us to do everything from conducting workshops to covering field trips for families that may be experiencing economic challenges.


THERE'S STILL TIME TO GET IN YOUR DONATIONS! Please don't forget to turn in your fundraising sponsor sheets by Monday, and/or please encourage all your kids' sponsors to finalize their donations via this Give Lively link (or texting "PS20JEDI" to 44-321) this weekend. We're hoping to exceed last year's fundraiser, which raised $12,000! DONATE HERE


If you're interested in supporting our ongoing JEDI work or working on future social justice initiatives at PS 20, please join the JEDI Committee on Konstella! And you have any questions, please reach out to david.pristin@ps20.org.