A Thank You note for Meryem and Law and those who have served - THANK YOU PTA Muscle!
Fri, Jun 18 3:27pm

Dear PS20 Community,

The PTA board and PS20 families would like to acknowledge the stellar service of our two co-presidents Meryem Bencheikh-Ellis and Lawrence (Law) Watford.  In these unlikely times we are left to say thank you in a way that does not feel quite complete or enough. An auditorium full of applauding and cheering folks and kids would be the appropriate manifestation of gratitude. Short of that we are left with words from our hearts, to express the utmost gratitude to these two leaders.

Meryem and Law have been two essential fixtures, lifelines, in the functioning of our school. They have been the tireless liaison between admin and families and know and are known by all the kids and probably most parents. Always, everyday, present in the building, to make sure all is running smoothly. Under their leadership the school has built and refined a sense of community. This is a work in progress. Meryem and Law in their commitment to the work of creating a diverse, anti-racist, integrated Community have helped foster one. Community with a capital C as it takes a certain kind of courage to want to bring people together in these ways and to keep fighting for those in need.

The PTA and PS20 are forever changed for the better from their leadership.

Meryem and Law, as a community, we want to say a giant THANK YOU for your persistent, unwavering, heart filled service to the PS20 community.

The best way to recognize and show appreciation for their service is for all of us to step up a little bit wherever we can and continue their work - holding the door open and greeting late students and parents with a warm smile and kind words, advocating for more resources for our school community and fighting for school equity. 

Very sadly, both will be leaving us at the end of this year (Law would have had another year, however Loyal got into Ballet Tech and we are so proud of her!) so be sure to smile and say thank you if you happen to see one of these two in the building. 

Behind public figures are always silent helping hands. We would like to thank the behind the scenes, consistent and steady helping hand of our VP Becky Braun-Slife. Becky was the glue that kept us on track and beholden to the requirements of a PTA non-profit, while always offering support and a helping hand to move things forward. Thank you for your service Becky. You will be able to see Becky in the halls for a few more years!

We also want to thank all those on the board who have served and are wrapping up their terms and a giant thank you to all who put tremendous effort in a fundraiser, who lent a hand, or offered an idea or support. 

Our PTA and PS20 community are ever growing as one body and we will continue on fighting for diversity, equity and all beings. 

With heart and deep appreciation,