A message form our GreenArts gardening teacher Mr. Jonathan: Jars needed for bulb planting. #Tisthetime #plantingSeason #GreenArtsatPS20
Wed, Jan 6 11:29am
Dear families,
Happy New Year from our GreenArts committee! 
We need all hands on deck! Mr. Jonathan our gardening teacher at PS20, is launching a bulb planting class with our students. 
#happyjardonations #happyrecycling #happyplanting #happyNewYear 
From Mr. Jonathan:
"Claire, ....Can you send an email to parents to get jar donations?  I'm sure a lot of people have extras or some that they put in the recycling.

The best sizes are the Bonne Maman 13 oz jam jars, or any 16 oz jar or similar sizes.  A little smaller is fine, just not the tall and skinny type in the second photo, as those are too narrow to hold the bulbs. 

I could use 20 or 30 by Friday, but may repeat this for other classes in the next few weeks.