Thu, Nov 12 8:50pm

Hello PS 20 Community,

The election looks to be over, but this is when the real work begins.  Make your voice heard and let the Mayor and the Chancellor and the City Council know that their decision to make Nov. 15th the ONLY opportunity for parents to opt into blended learning.


As you likely know, the DOE announced plans to allow families only one opportunity (occurring during November) to opt into in-person learning during the 2020-21 school year.  The PTA does not think this is the best approach for our families and are requesting that the DOE:
a) extend the single opt-in period until January with the change taking effect after the mid-winter/February recess or, 
b) allow an additional opt-in period after the flu season has passed.


PTA Co-President Law Watford sent the attached email to local leaders, highlighting the critical problems with the Mayor's decision and we encourage you to also advocate for what you feel is the safest and best solution for your family’s needs. 


One of our PS 20 parents, Louise Feld, has compiled a useful list of contacts for ongoing advocacy efforts related to the timing of the Opt-In period, unfulfilled remote learning device orders, and insufficient resources to successfully implement remote learning. 

Advocacy regarding the opt-in plan is happening right now!  If you wish to email your elected officials to express your opposition to the DOE’s current opt-in plan, you can use the template below.  This is only a suggestion, and we urge you to personalize your message so that your opinion is heard.  Also, call any of the above and tell them why you oppose the current plan.



Dear ________,


My name is ______ and I’m a PS20 parent. 


I am strongly opposed to the DOE’s new plan to permit only one opt-in period, and to have that period occur in November.  This plan, proposed to occur before flu season has even begun, forces parents to choose between their families’ immediate physical health and the opportunity for in-person education for the rest of the academic year.  It also increases exposure for in-person students and teachers, because it ignores the reality that families may travel or gather during the holiday season. 


Further, the DOE’s new plan hurts children already in, or about to join, 100 percent remote classes.   At PS20, as well as in many other schools, remote classes are experiencing high enrollment numbers, and teachers are asked to lead well over 30 students, or more, virtually, without sufficient supports and resources.  The new plan creates the potential for even further growth of these already-enormous class sizes, without providing an opportunity to level the numbers at later points in the year.


The DOE's hasty change of plan demonstrates little concern for students, parents, and teachers.  Therefore, we are requesting that the Chancellor a) extend the single opt-in period until late January, with the change taking effect after the mid-winter/February recess or b) allow an additional opt-in period after the flu season has passed.  Please show that you are listening to the voices of New York City’s public school students and a majority of New Yorkers, and reconsider this poorly-conceived plan.






Council Member Laurie Cumbo 

718-260-9191 (District office) 

212-788-7081 (Legislative office) 

(For those who live outside of PS20’s council district, find your council member here:


City Council Speaker Corey Johnson



City Council Education Committee Chair Mark Treyger 



Community Education Council (CEC) for District 13 



Edia Sharp, DOE Chief Strategy Officer


Karin Goldmark, Deputy Chancellor of School Planning and Development

Adrienne Austin, Deputy Chancellor of Community Empowerment, Partnerships, and Communications


Karen Watts, Executive Superintendent


District 13 Superintendent Kamar Samuels


Lorrie Ayers, District 13 Family Leadership Coordinator


Office of the Public Advocacy Jumanee Williams