Attention Families Grade 1 through Grade 5- IMPORTANT NOTICE
Mon, Sep 20 3:47pm

We need your consent for COVID testing for all students in grades 1 through 5.  For your convenience, hard copies will be sent home via back pack tomorrow Tuesday, September 21st.  Or you can file your consent online at:

Or print out the attachment below and send to your child’s teacher in the homework folder.


Every school will randomly test weekly unvaccinated students, who have submitted consent for testing, at a threshold of ten percent of unvaccinated students per school population (3K, Pre-K and Kindergarten are excluded). Please note that students must submit a new COVID-19 testing consent form for the 2021-2022 school year to participate in the testing program. 

We want to assure you that if your child is selected for testing but is uncomfortable or unable to be tested, we will not test your child and will work with you to address any concerns so that they can participate in future testing. We are focused on making this a brief, and gentle experience for our students, led by trained testers.

If your child is tested, we will let you know they were tested and when and how you will receive the results, which will typically be provided within 48-72 hours.

Please follow this link for detailed information.