Available Slots in Mosaic!
Mon, Feb 10 4:42pm

Hello Parents and Caregivers, 

Please be aware that  slots are available in the following Mosaic classes:
PreK Program
Tuesday- Dance with Mark Morris Dance Group
Wednesday- Farm to Table
Friday- Mindful Yoga with Little Feet Wise Heart
Kindergarten to 5th Grade
Sports & Fitness (K-1st)
Hip Hop with mark Morris Dance Group (1st-5th)
Art Factory (K-2nd)
Creative Dance with Mark Morris  Dance Group (K-1st)
Farm to Table
Advanced Chess with Tri-State Chess (2nd-5th) 
Art Factory (K-2nd)
Art Factory (K-1st)
Art Factory (K-2nd)
Architecture & Design for Kids with ARDE (1st-5th)
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact mosaic@ps20.org 
Thank you for your continued support!