BUY LOCAL & SUPPORT PS20 - Easy way to contribute with your local favorites
Thu, Mar 25 7:36am
Bagels & lox from Russ & Daughters? Olives, dates, and your favorite baklava from Sahadis?  Paper Towels? Masks? 
Now you can support PS20 when you shop local! is an online "everything store" made up of products sold by businesses local to Brooklyn & Manhattan! Order what you like from any number of stores, and have it all delivered in a single delivery either same or next day. 
When you use
- you get what you need conveniently delivered to your door
- you keep your dollars local and support local businesses
- 1% of your purchase automatically goes to support PS20
There are 2 steps for sign-up:
1) Go here: and please type in PS20 Clinton Hill as the school you would like to support and your preferred email address. Within 15-20 minutes you will receive an email with a code that credits you with $10.
2) Visit the site and create an account using that same email address in order to use the code. (Your account is not created in Step #1, it's a bit confusing, but you have to complete Step #2 to actually order!). 
Every person who registers their school on the site is provided with a $10 credit, and if you choose to make a purchase with your credit, the site ALSO donates $10 toward PS20's PTA. 
From then on, all of your future purchases automatically generate funds for PS20 as well. 
Please register and spread the word to anyone you know who would love to support PS20 while shopping locally and helping to keep our local economy strong!