COVID-19 Vaccination Pop Up Site 2.5 Blocks from PS 20
Mon, Nov 15 11:14pm

Hi everyone,


We wanted to let the school community know that there is a City sponsored COVID-19 vaccination pop up site this week (11/5-11/9, 11am-7pm) at 328 Myrtle Avenue (bt. Washington Park & Carlton) - 2.5 blocks from PS 20.  This site takes walk ups and is a site where you can get the $100 incentive for your family and for the PS 20 PTA if you list us as a referral organization. 


As we mentioned in some earlier announcements, for each referral the PS 20 PTA gets, we get $100 that can help us fund PTA School Assistants, more Green Arts and STEAM programming and support for outdoor eating and learning. 


So, when you go to take your child to get a COVID-19 vaccine at a NYC sponsored site, please make sure that you list the "PS20 Parent and Teachers' Association, Inc." [NO SPACE between PS and 20 otherwise it won't show up] as the referral organization on your intake form.   Please note, that anyone who is getting their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine can list the PS 20 PTA as a referral organization, not just PS 20 students and family,


Thanks to you all as we work to make the PS 20  community a healthier and safer place for our children.


-The PS 20 PTA Board