Covid Home Test
Sat, Apr 23 1:36am

Update for Families on COVID-19 Home Test Kits for the Spring Break

This letter to families provides guidance about COVID-19 home test kits for use before returning to school after Spring Break.

Our “Stay Safe, Stay Open” plan has succeeded in allowing us to keep our schools open and remain among the safest places for young people to be during the COVID-19 pandemic, even as we have lifted the mask mandate for students in K-12. To keep our school communities safe after spring recess, we strongly encourage all students to get tested for COVID-19 before returning to school on April 25, regardless of vaccination status. Your child can take a PCR, lab-based test, or a home test. Your child was given four COVID-19 home tests; two for your child and two for a family member.

If you or anyone in your household tests positive, we are very pleased that safe, effective COVID-19 treatments, including anti-viral medications, are available for some individuals ages 12 and older who test positive. You can access these medications through your doctor or health care provider, or you can call 212-COVID19 to discuss treatment options with a medical professional. Treatment works best when it is started as soon as possible after symptoms start and can help reduce symptoms and help to avoid hospitalization. For more information, please see external link) for additional information.

When should my child take the home tests?

  • Please help your child take one of the COVID home tests provided on the evening of Saturday, April 23.
  • Then help your child take the second home test 24 hours later, on the evening of Sunday, April 24.
  • If your child tests negative on both tests and feels well, they should come to school on Monday, April 25.
  • Please note that if your child has recovered from a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 90 days, they do not need to take a test and should attend school on Monday, April 25, as long as they are feeling well.

What should I do if my child tests positive on one of the tests?

  • Kindergarten and older: Please inform your school and isolate your child at home for five days. Your child may return to school on the sixth day if they have no symptoms or their symptoms are improving (including being fever-free for 24 hours without the use of medication). Your child must wear a well-fitting mask while at school through the tenth day after their positive test.
  • Pre-K and younger: please inform your school/program and isolate your child at home for ten days. Your child may return to your school/program after the tenth day.
  • For all ages:
    • Please remember that if your child tests positive, your child is entitled to asynchronous remote learning and Office Hours for the duration of your child’s isolation period.
    • Please refer to our COVID-19 Guidance Charts, available at for additional steps to take if your child tests positive.