District 13 Superintendent Kamar Samuels is having a Town Hall on Race and Enrollment. Tonight at 7PM.
Wed, Nov 18 6:44pm
Dear P.S. 20 families,
The District 13 Superintendent, Mr. Kamar Samuels, and his District Leader Team are having a Town Hall on Race and Enrollment, this evening at 7 PM.
Wednesday, November 18 at 7:00 pm
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Here is a recap of the last townhall:


On Tuesday October 26, we introduced two frameworks that will inform the learning series and guide our community this school year. You can learn more about the framework in the attached PDF and by clicking on the links below. We will be using both frameworks to shape what we do and how we move collectively towards becoming an authentically culturally responsive and integrated district.

  • The Five R’s of Real Integration. Members of Integrate NYC helped to craft five critical recommendations for real integration to be seen, heard, and eventually adopted by the city. These recommendations were accepted and are now a framework that can help the city avoid repeating the mistakes of the past when children of color were asked to carry the burden of ‘desegregation’ efforts. In D13 the 5 Rs is the WHAT that will guide the choices we make as we work toward becoming an authentically integrated district. Read more about the Five Rs on Integrate NYC’s site

  • Developing a Liberatory Consciousness, from Barbara J. Love. Dr. Barbara Love is a professor and consultant with an expertise in personal, organizational, and societal transformation and strategies for liberation. She developed a framework to assist those ready to increase their awareness of where racial inequity shows up, to be analytical about the conditions that uphold racial inequity, to hold self-accountable, and to take actions that lead to anti-racist environments. Dr. Love’s framework is the HOW that will guide our personal and collective efforts toward D13 becoming an anti-racist district for our children. 

Please join us for this exciting series of townhalls, featuring guest speakers who will share their expertise in relation to the 5 Rs and help us learn more about how we can all support authentic integration.  See the attached timelines and mark your calendars!

We want to hear from you! Please take a few minutes to tell us what you thought about our first townhall.:

Survey Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1kWdOwsNEzzW-LsbGNAa2YU-DHfevVWW995PrB4Ngm44/edit?usp=sharing


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