Follow-up Message RE: DOE Mask Policy Update
Fri, Mar 4 4:29pm
Dear PS 20 Families,
As we all prepare for the new changes in policy around masks in school - moving to masks being optional in most instances - I wanted to let you know that the PS 20 administration will be supporting every family, student and staff in whatever decision they decide is best for them.  We realize that every individual and family have different circumstances that need to be considered when making this decision - for example they may live with someone with a compromised immune system.
We ask that you consider speaking to your children before Monday to explain the change in school policy around masks, what decision you think is best for you and your family, and that other families and staff at PS 20 may make a different decision - and that is okay.
If you need support - for instance,  with having your child to continue to wear a mask - please reach out directly to your teacher who will inform all staff who work with your child about what your child's needs are.
Thank you for your support.