Good morning PS 20 families!
Sun, Sep 20 8:49pm

Good morning PS 20 families!


Please see below for important school-wide updates and information. As always, you are welcome to email with general questions and with questions specific to school reopening. 


Meet & Greet

A recording of the Friday Meet & Greet with Principal Barbera and staff is available this week at


DOE-issued Devices

As was shared in Friday’s meeting, there has been a delay in obtaining DOE issues iPads for PS 20 students. The DOE has said they sent them to PS 20 but they were never received. If you have applied for a device and have not yet received one, please call 311 to file complaints. The DOE has been unresponsive to PS 20 administration’s inquiries, and we are now looking for parent support to address this issue so all students can have access ASAP. 


School Supplies

Given the delay in school reopening, the PTA is postponing school supply drop off until the last week of the month. You can see the schedule on Konstella. If you have not yet bought your supplies and have an Amazon account, please use this as an opportunity to set up your Amazon Smile charity recipient as PS 20! (PS 20 Clinton Hills PTA is how it is listed in Amazon) 


Online Screening Questionnaire

All DOE employees, students, families, and visitors must complete a Online Health Screening before entering DOE facilities. This health screening must be completed on each day of arrival and results will reset at midnight of each day. Upon entering the facility you will be asked to provide the results of your screening either by showing your phone or a printout of the results. Please remember to do this prior to arriving at school, so that there is no delay with entering the building (especially given spotty cellular services near the school).


Classrooms on Konstella

Classrooms have been created on Konstella - please join and introduce yourself to your fellow parents and guardians! Also remember that if you were in a grade-wide group, don’t forget to leave and add yourself to the next grade groups (e.g. last year if you were in the 2nd Grade families group, so you should now move to 3rd grade families group)


Class assignments

If you have not yet been contacted by a teacher or are still unclear about your class assignment, please call the school at (718) 834-6744 and/or email Ms. Colon, Parent Coordinator, at   



Please consider signing up as a general PTA volunteer. Once we are open, we will be turning to you to get support with daily or weekly tasks to ensure the reopening is as safe and smooth as possible. (Plus getting to know the students is extra fun!) 


P-EBT Cards

By this point, many of you who had students enrolled in public schools in the spring have received a pandemic EBT card worth $420. If you are considering donating the amount of your card to families in need, here are a few organizations who are providing food for local families in need: 

Note you are not able to donate the card directly - but you can donate the amount it is worth