How to reach specialist teachers for Nov.4th conferences
Thu, Nov 4 3:08pm

Good Morning PS20 Community,


Our specialist teachers are available to engage with PS20 families today during conference hours.


Please reach out to our specialists via emails listed below.

You can communicate individually with that specialist to set a time to meet if you would like to speak about your child’s progress in Dance, Physical Education, Music, Literacy and French.



Have a great day


    ◦    Chung (Dance) Pk-2



    ◦    Ms. Cassimiro (Physical Education K-5)



    ◦    Ms. McIntosh (French-K,1st, 3-5)



    ◦    Dr. Cirelli (Literacy- Pk-5)



    ◦     Mr.Ortner (French K-2, 4)



**please note Mr. Hampton will not be available today for conferences. However, leave him a note via email if you'd like to speak with him on a later date.  Mr. Hampton (Music K-5)